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Default inexact!

It is inaccurate!!!

People leave because they are fed up absurd constraints, unpredictable functioning of the site, the arrogant tone of words with which they are treated, and with this kind of disingenuous words:

Originally Posted by fanni View Post
I beg to differ, guys!

I disagree on the following issues:

1. ads - I do not see them 'cos my FireFox doesn't show them
(see the attached screenshot I've just made)
It's absolutely no problem getting rid of them.

2. I love the word "loosing" - is it really "loosing"? or, perhaps, "losing" was actually meant?

3. of course: some members got angry and quit slamming the door behind them; some left quietly...

... but some members quit TE or simply "paused" or slackened their activity not because of stupid ads or any other similar reason.

But have you ever thought that there may be lots of other reasons not related to TE in any way (those include work and/or family reasons)?

If you ask me, I've slackened my activity (posting photos, writing critiques) for the past month for one and only very simple reason: huge workload (now I have to work on Sundays as well) which makes me exhausted both physically and emotionally, so for the past weeks I've been only an observer, not an active member.
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