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Default Re: Taking portraits of strangers - do you compensate them?

portraiture depends on how much of a connection you can make with the people.. most people put their guards up when they see a camera.. it will depend on you to make them feel at ease.. how you do it.. you've to figure it out.. i dont think it's something that can be written down in words.. but the more you interact with the people the more you'll understand what im talking about..
no disrespect meant to anyone on TE but most portraits that i see here, although very nice to look at, tend to have been taken in a hurry just to capture a face.. if thats what you mean by a portrait.. then i guess you just get friendly with someone and click away.. i've done it too quite a few times.. however for me a portrait goes beyond a face.. and tries to capture the essence of the person.. tries to capture the story behind those eyes or that smile or whatever else..
for that you need patience.. not only to capture the moment but also to understand what you're trying to capture..
plain old travel portraiture i think is one of the simplest things to do.. you don't need that much time and there is not much of a story to capture.. but if you're trying to capture a portrait which will be a part of a social documentary or something like that i think patience is what you need.
also note that im in india and i haven't photographed in europe or the states.. maybe that's why im feeling so confident about what im saying.. :)
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