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Default Re: Does TrekEarth only show the nice sides of these world..

Not to keep fanning the flames here but your insistence on referring to this as cowadice is presumptuous. You kow absolutely nothing of the people who are nt critiquing your photo or why. I myself have spent the last nine years living in developing countries such as Guatemala and Turkey where I met the face of poverty every single day. I have led student in service learning projects to help bolster their own impverished communities and petition the governments with programs to help the countries improve the gap between rich and poor.
I have travelled to two dozen countries and witnessed severe poverty that has left me speechless and helpless.
Yet I didn't comment on your photo so I am afraid and looking away....nosense...arrogance and nonsense. TE is not a political soapbox or a social campaign isa Travel Photography website and whether or not your poor boy photo gets overlooked or someone elses pretty building does not get the attention it deserves is entirely based on the photos merits or participation in the wider community or the mood of the TE members online that day.
Please be careful getting off your high seems you have a long way to fall
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