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Default Re: Does TrekEarth only show the nice sides of these world..

Relax, Andreas, do not take it too personal. What is most important is that you were there, and saw for yourself, and had a potent emotion about it. I posted earlier a pix of a "Help Darfur" demonstration for the only purpose to ask people to do something about it, still using photography. One week later, it had only 100 views, and 3 critiques. It just did not fly, and there is a damned genocide going on there, not one kid starving. But the last thing I will do is to think I am special and the membership is insensitive. That is a way far-out opinion. IMO, people were not inclined to critique my and your shot, that happens.

Other than that, there are numerous members here who devote time and money to help others in the countries they visit, still will not post one shot of a destitute, and may even not critique a photo that shows one, if the photo does not inspire them as photography.

IMO, you should ask yourself why people did not critique it more, not blame them. Without the note, I am frank, your pix seems that of a passer-by, the kid could be simply be cranky because his Mom is out of reach or not picking him up (The fact that he certainly does not look wealthy is no sign in itself of witnessing distress, for people who travel outside of Europe and USA. Simply put, your photo, by itself, does not imply what is in your note.


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