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Default Re: India - Getting sick - precautions

The first time I went to India in 1984 i got sick because I had to drink bad water being in the mountains. At the time I was using a stupid drug called Micropur, that's supposed to kill everything. But no... I got Giardia. Not too bad, just have to run fast!!!
Then I have been there 7 times.
In the past 3 years I did spend 13 months there. NOTHING happened to me. I eat everything loving Indian food. I make sure not to eat salads, fruits without skin, and I drink Bottled water.
You don't really need any medication. Be careful with fresh milk unboiled.. I never expereinced any trouble with yoghourt..
I have to say that I like the southern Indian cooking a lot better. I go mad for those thalis and dosas..
If you want to know more , please ask me..
Take care
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