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Default Re: Mediocre photography or visual poetry? :)

Thanks to all of you who replied by now. At this point, I really have to say that I don't consider his review negative at all. I loved to read what he wrote and my title was more a joke than a real question. And I quite agree with him... I still don't know why they chosen my biker photo. It's really not that good. It was more a filler at the time to complete the batch of 20 submitted photos than a real photo. :) Concerning your thoughts about what I wanted to say with those pictures I took, well..., I really don't know. They are just fragments of my every day, situations that touched me in some way. I don't know if I want to say something with them other than what's in the pictures and the social urban situation they portrait.
And relax, I will not give up of photographing in the public space, even knowing that my photos are not that good. For that, I would have to put more time, effort and passion in that and time is a thing I don't have right now in my life. There are other things more important for me - family for example - and that's not the way how I am supposed to earn my living. :)
Now, this probably will have one side effect though. I will try to pay more attention to landscape photography, an area where I may be much productive in terms of quality.
Thanks once again. Keep those comments coming. I will love to see some discussion coming out of this. Stay safe, l.
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