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Default Lots of thoughts...

I quit posting and essentially quit critiquing because the "quality" of feedback became so diluted by non-informative posts. (And another reason or two. ;o)

Seems to me that there are two major subgroups working against each other. There are the folks who want to work on their photography skills via the critique/workshop process and there are the folks who are "point harvesters".

(And there's nothing wrong with being either. ;o)

Giving honest, thoughtful critiques is not the best strategy to gain points.

Few of us can receive a critical, but honest review of our photographs and have the spontaneous desire to rush over to the critiquer's photos and give him/her a couple of points. That's just human nature.

So if points are what we are after we most likely tone down the non-complimentary portions of our feedback, and possibly amplify the positive points.

So what to do?

Why not split the site? It's already been split a few times. There's Trek Lens for images that don't fit on TE and there's Trek Nature for, well, nature images. (Are there more? Haven't been keeping up.)

So why not have a Trek Earth for those who want real criticism and a Trek Earth for those who don't really want critical feedback but are more interested in sharing their photos and collecting points?

The design of TE-Critique can include ways to teach people how to write critiques and possibly ways to vote non-learners off the island. Lots of possibilities here once the decision has been made to create a separate site.
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