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Default Improving critique quality? An idea, thoughts?

Whilst there are some excellent critiques written here, there are also some non-critiques which slip through the net, so I was thinking about ways to improve the quality without having to get Adam to do it manually. So, I came up with an idea:

Are any of you familiar with slashdot? I think something like their moderate/meta-moderate concept would be useful here for critique rating.

Set up a system where the photographer can't mark critiques that relate to them as useful, but can only rate other peoples - maybe make everyone to rate an anonymized critique each time they write one themselves?

And occasionally make people rate a rating, to create a bias for accuracy of ratings - if you see what I mean? Accurate raters get more weight assigned to their rating than those who always click useful.

Thoughts? Any obvious options for gaming the system? Any subtle ones?
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