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Default Re: Mediocre photography or visual poetry? :)

it it grabs me with that then its good

Good enough, Mel, but that sounds a bit of a philistine opinion. Why study painting, read about movies, music etc.... sure you can go in life digging what's good, ad not spent one second on what is may be good, but ask a little bit of education about it. I find when it comes to photography, I have come to enjoy much more what it's all about by doing copious reading. Photography definitely goes beyond looking at a photo, just like it goes beyond merely taking (nice) pictures.

Maybe I extended on what you meant. But even considering this guy went a bit on its own tangent in his text, not everything is dickish, and I am sure Luis may look at what he does with a different light. It is difficult for amateurs like us to know what we are really saying thru our shots (less it's about taking a nice pix, and one,, and one....), anytime someone gives us an angle on it, even if we find it's not totally accurate, is a good thing. makes us reflect, amd given how little time it takes to click a shutter, there is a lot of extraneous reflection left in the craft of photography as we pursue it.
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