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Default Re: To Saule: Street Parade 2005 (#3)

cos that's all this picture evokes in me.
I am not trying to say it's bad in general, in any case, most of the comments are positive, but i am saying it's bad in my eyes. There's no real rules that would consider each picture and define whether or not its too much, but i think each of us here has his own set of values, a kind of a borderline between something nice or at least OK to look at and something disgusting. Like, for instance, a shot of a guy laying under the tree is nice, but a guy urinating or pooping under the same tree is too much. Of course, this example itself is too much but you get my point.
Don't get me wrong, I am not against gays or them kissing each other, but i just don't get what is the purpose of showing this photo. Yeah, we all know they get high and like to look for a free mouth to stick their toungs in it, we also know they do more than that, are you gonna photograph that too?
Anyway, that must just be me, and for the majority here this is a lovely touchy kiss, that's why i'm done with it, and don't want to spoil other peoples excitement.
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