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Default To PaulVDV: stalingrad

Hello Paul,
Thank you so much for your comments. I was happy to learn about rue Stalingrad, because that name had stuck somewhere in the back of my mind for 53 years. I am sure that was the street. Looking at the Google map I see that the southwestern end of the street looks like in my photo. But I found in my diary (which I had actually written some time after the journey, based on very short notes) that I had got off the train at the Central station, because I had no idea about the city and thought the Central would be the best option. But I had to look for a room for about an hour before I found anything at all, and by then I was almost back at Gare Midi.
I searched in vain for the map I had on that journey. I remember well marking my hotel with a big X to make sure I would find my way back in the evening after having a few appointments with Belgian beers.
Best wishes,
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