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I'd say three mandatory days for the temples, that's what I also did plus another day to go around (Tonle sap).

Thien i don't know what "hot" means to you, I remember that in february, even though Ta Prohm is known to be the breeziest temple, i've never sweated like that : it should have been largely over 37 with sticky air. The thing is that the hot season was supposed to BEGIN at that period and temperatures to rise. I don't know whether in April the wet season should be started yet, but you better hope for it...

I like my confort and was really happy to find a pool at the hotel we were in. I think the most clever way to move is to get up early, coome back around 12, stick around fresh water and shade for an hour or two then go back around 3PM.

The Temples are very near Siem Reap, i'd say a maximum of 10mn drive with the exceptions of Banteai Srey and ta prhm which a bit further, then there is no need to stay overnight in Angkor, if you want the best shooting hours, just cut the day in halves, hire your driver early in the morning for sunrise and re-starting the day after 3PM. Many people do that and the local guides or drivers are happy with that.

As for myself I managed to get back everyday at sunset at Angkor Wat temple, -and no other one-, for monk shooting time in the golden hours (sounds like hunting...and it is!).
The story is that the first day I realized my film was not winding only when I got to frame "40". meanwhile I was sure I had taken at least 2 or 3 masterpieces (Aah, the best shots you've never taken...everyone's best portfolio ever...;-D...). I then had a sort of sunset and monks photographying rage...
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