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Default Rethinking the mission...

"There certainly seemed to be a clique in the earlier days of TE, who would give glowing critiques which appeared to me to relate more to the photographer than the quality of the work. I have seen little evidence of that recently."

"Exactly the opposite of my impressions. I think back to the original days of this site, where the membership was quite limited and close knit. It was not at all unusual to see even some quite good photos with multiple yellow faces. Nowadays, I rarely see yellows and I have seen plenty of photos which garner a lot of critiques where very obvious flaws are simply never mentioned."

After reading Darren's comments I realised that my original statement required some clarification. I didn't mean to imply that the site was full of cliques in the earlier days i.e. a couple of years ago, but it was apparent that there was a small group of members who always critiqued each other's work and always in glowing terms.
I certainly agree that there seem to be fewer critiques with yellow smilies now, and there are definitely a huge number of 'Well done' and 'Good shot' responses.

I joined in 2002. I found TE incredibly valuable for my growth as a photographer. Photographs were carefully viewed and helpful feedback was given. TE was truly a critique site.

The community was small enough that most of us got to know each other in terms of skill level and aspirations. That made for a close knit group, but at the same time the site seemed to welcome new members.

Over time membership grew and true critiques were diluted with lots and lots of meaningless comments. To a great extent those comments seem, IMO, to be driven by the desire to acquire points.

Perhaps it's time for Adam to create a new site. A TrekEarth for more serious photographers. A place where the emphasis would be on growth via considered feedback from other like-minded members.

No reason that the databases from the two sites couldn't be merged for those who simply want to browse pictures from one part of the world. But separate the critiques from the comments/points rather than trying to serve multiple purposes with only one site.
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