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I see your points.

The legalities of Pinterest, Facebook, etc. are far from settled. Pinning a photo provides a link all the way back to TrekEarth, if you click through the photo, so there is no danger of the provenance of the photo being lost. The law will have to decide if reposting an image while maintaining this link-back constitutes theft of the image or copyright infringement.

I believe Pinterest will remove photos from their site if they are alerted by the copyright holder, so if that is your concern you can remedy it that way.

Because Pinterest is very new, and photo sharing via Facebook is still new, our view of how TrekEarth photos could be used there is still evolving as well. As yet, there has been only a very small number of members who have expressed any concern over this type of image sharing.

We are looking into making the Pinterest shortcut user-selectable, as I said. As the TrekEarth community continues to explore this new way to share images, we expect to keep getting feedback and adjust the site accordingly.

The TrekEarth community is and has always come first. We're listening. For the moment, those who are concerned about Pinterest/Facebook sharing are very much in the minority. If that changes, we will certainly revisit our policy toward these sites.

If you have other concerns, I am always open to hear them.


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