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Wink flexibility

Originally Posted by Keitht View Post
I find it interesting that there isn't an equivalent topic to this from the English speaking membership. Maybe it's down to the Gallic attitude of "I'll only obey the rules if they benefit me" as seen so often in the European Union.
Maybe you are right. But instead of Gallic you may write Latin, Mediterranean, Southern European, etc.
You're perhaps a little too strong about the attitude of "I'll only obey the rules if they benefit me", but I agree with your opinion in general. Down in the South we are more flexible regarding rules and laws. That is not always bad, but also brings us problems some times.
A Portuguese lawyer, politician, and former President of the Republic, is often quoted as having said, while in office of President:
"The laws in Portugal are but a suggestion".
(I hope I translated correctly.) This was a lament, not his desire.
Best greetings from a Portuguese member.
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