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Hello Gert and Paul,

At least with Tour de Midi I was right. . I like such puzzles.
The name Rue Stalingrad reminded me something. Do you know that two days after Stalin death in 1953 they (communists) changed the name of the Polish town Katowice to Stalinogród? It lasted three years, till 1956.
And another thing. Unpleasant experience I had in Brussels. I booked a night in the hostel, I do not remember at the moment where it was. Anyway, when I came, they told me that the hostel was for the persons till 35 years old. Can you imagine? They told me that when I would come another time I wouldn't be accepted. When I asked why it is so, they told me that there are bunk beds. As if I couldn't sleep on the upper berth. Of course, I will never go there again.
have a nice weekend

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