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Default Re: India by Dariusz Klemens

I also have the book and I love it. In fact, there must be many people who love it since it was almost impossible to get hold of it just a few months after it was published. Whilst I agree with you that the format of the book is at time insensitive to the images, I think the material is absolutely first rate. Here is a photographer who seems able to find beauty even in the most seemingly unattractive corners of this amazing country. I gather Klemens has been photographing India for over a decade and I think this shows not only in the breadth of the material, but also - and most importantly - in the relationship he establishes with his subjects. People seem to 'bare themselves' to his lens, or perhaps the lens seems to render them bare, I am not sure. What I do know is that the images are haunting; Klemens seems to render every day actions sacred. They are not only highly accomplished photographs at a technical level, they are also supremely honest, if not poetic. By contrast, I must say that I find your own work on India rather dull, bland and utterly uninspiring. Your images seem badly exposed and poorly framed; thus they remain 'flat', and somewhat dead. In short, looking at your photographs, I'd suggest that there is much that someone like you could learn from someone like Dariusz Klemens. It seems to me that you have a long way to go before you could even think about criticising someone of his calibre.
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