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Default Re: To capthaddock: I forgot...

Hi Marc -

I use Lee systems 2 f-stop soft edge, but sometimes wish I had a 3 f-stop. Be very careful of hard edge, the horizon line is distinct, so it only works when the horizon is perfectly flat and perfectly level, which means they're only useful when the horizon consists entirely ow water.

I had no choice but to buy Internet, after shopping around, there is no store in SF or Northern California which has any of these in stock. They are made in England, I bought them from, tey are reliable and deliver fast from their Chicago stock. Of course it would be nice if I was able to try different filters and compare in a store, but the low US dollar means everything carried by US shops are ordered by Europeans (and Canadians!) from the internet.

I hope this helps.

My supervisor has approved my vacation, as soon as his boss approves, I will buy the ticket. I hope the 2nd week of October is not too late to see the colours north of Qc (I mean Charlevoix, J. Cartier Park, Bic, Gaspe etc.) Maybe I should change it to one week earlier?
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