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Hi Darren,

If you are using a custom calibrated monitor ICC or a generic monitor ICC profile shipped with your display then the monitor RGB is what you should use to work on your photo. When Windows is set to use an ICC profile, all "normal" application such as picture viewer or web browser will use it to display the color. Smartass application like PS allows you to switch display on the fly.

If you have a good or close cablibrated ICC profile then you should see a bit increase in saturation compare to Windows RGB (which is sRGB BTW) choice.

CYMK proofing (PS default choice) is used for prepress people for which the increase brightness is used to compensate for the paper reflectivity factor.

If you want to see what your print will look like, you can use PS Proof View feature to do that too. Just go to Proof Setup -> Custom then in the profile combobox, scroll down to find your printer. Et voila, you will see how the color gamut is converted to your printer on-the-fly.

If you have paper-printer duo ICC profile then you can see how they appear on each of them too. If they do not look right, you can duplicate the current photo, choose the profile that you want, tweak it untill it look the same as the original. Then in PS print dialog, in the Color Management option, you choose the paper-printer profile as your Print Space and in the advance printer option turned off all color management there. You will have a print exactly as you see on screen (provided that your monitor ICC is close to the real thing of course :D).

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