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Default Yes, thank you, Keith...

Thank you, Keith, for your reply.

Ah, ha, so that now seems to make sense. But, as you so rightly say, I was indeed logged in - otherwise I would not have been able to post on the forum.

I have tried a few things, as I mentioned earlier, but the only thing that so far seems to work for me is as I described to Will a few posts back - going onto the AdChoices website by clicking at top left of the pop-up window and then choosing to disable the adverts. Trouble is that as soon as you clear all your internet history and cookies (which I must confess I tend to do fairly regularly), the pop-ups start all over again, just as the Adchoices website warns.

So we have got it figured out after a fashion, I reckon.

But I still find it strange that we no longer seem to be able to see .jpeg or.jpg images on the forum - but that, I suppose, is another problem.

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