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Default Re: Nikon playing fast and loose with LCD resolution!!!

Hi Francis.

I am a Nikon user but I would never describe myself as a "hopeful Nikon Fanboy" and I'm not remotely bothered whether the LCD screen on the D3 and D300 have 920,000 dots, pixies or pixels. The fact is that Nikon didn't say "pixels".

"What they actually say is that the resolution is 920,00 dots, HOPING that every panicky fool on the Canon side and every hopeful Nikon Fanboy will conclude that the resolution is equal to 920,000 pixels?" This is a harsh accusation and possibly even libelous.

It's also a bit harsh to suggest that fellow Canon users might be "pacnicky fools". I've spoken to a couple of friends of mine (Canon users - one has a 5D and the other a 350D) and both are interested in the new Nikons - but neither will lose any sleep over the relative pixel counts. It's a small consumer sample, I know, but......

As for the sensors. According to Amateur Photographer, Nikon say that the D300's is a Sony but that the D3's was "developed" by Nikon. From memory, I don't think it said whether Nikon manufactured it. No matter.

These sensors will either deliver what Nikon claim (in which case Nikon will sell D3's and D300's by the shed-load) or they won't (in which case it's back to the drawing-board for Nikon). Only time will tell.

I can only deduce from your comments that you are very "anti" Nikon as well as being very "pro" Canon. I like both - I'm sure they both have strengths and weaknesses. In fact, I like photography per se -irrespective of what badge the camera brandishes. I even still use film.......!!

As a matter of fact, I'm "considering" looking at a second-hand Canon 5D and 24-105mm f4 at some point if I can get to test one. I quite like the idea of a full-frame camera but the D3 will be out of my price bracket for some time (if not forever).

Anyway, it will certainly be interesting.

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