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Default Re: Mediocre photography or visual poetry? :)

Hi Luis

Firstly congratulations on being published. It seems to me that this guy is interpreting your pictures to fit his supposition and academic opinion. It does not seem that your opinion was sought, or that your 'reasoning' for the pictures was considered. Only you know if his conjecture fits your motivation for these shots. To me, it seems a clinical, cold interpretation. To me art and inspiration trancend rigid opinion. TO me the intent in the photographer is important, thus IMO the importance of notes in TE. But even without this, a work of art, photography or overwise, should allow each person to find his/her own interpretation and enjoyment from and of it. It's a poor world when 'experts' dictate what is meant by a photograph, poem or literature. I though we had learnt that lesson from the abhorance that was 'social realism'. The reason you have so many friends on TE is because of the quality of your images, and the learning we gain through them. I'd say we are the experts!
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