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Default Re: Electronics and oil rig worker

One can only be sure in a hundred years from now ;-).
It's a small drop in a big bucket, but a lot of drops...

Doesn't even have to help at current, it just shows a different way and gets people to think! Using solar panels in Angola for example with Medecins Sans Frontieres. No noise and smell from a generator. The village was amazed by this magic energy! And we even didn't get stoned by them for using magic ;-)

In the Brazilian Amazon, a lot of rural people did not have any alternatives. No access to fuel / spare parts etc for a generator. Everyone was baffled by the light at night from a simple glass plate on the roof.
Then again, give it a few years and there will not be any Amazon anymore - and with the trees they made the nice poles for the grid-based electricity.... ;-)

Greetz, Dennis
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