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Yes - Andrew I see the value of the workshops... I have received a couple and they have obviously made me think and reflect and that is the point.

What I am beginning to grasp here is in keeping with what you are saying Keith... the original ethos is what is in fact important here in as much as the danger for less experienced photographers (and I think I am guilty of this) is that sometimes you can forget that its the taking of the shot that is more important than the PP. I think I am beginniing to realise that, in some ways and some times, I don't take the care I ought to beyond basic composition because it's easy to say to yourself "it doesn't matter because PP can sort that out" - I have even read in respected photo mags people being advised not to bother with ND grads, white balance, EVs, or polarisers etc because the effect can be created in PP. I guess that can make some a little lazy and a bit reliant on PP as a corrective to a very average initial image - an easy mistake when you are starting out...

PP - love it or hate it it is a useful tool but its how its used and shouldn't be considered a replacement for the processes leading up to the actual shot in the first place... that's where the understanding and real skill lies...

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