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Hi Andrew - thank you for providing this information... I just wanted clarification so that I don't make the same mistake again... and I think you have now provided that along with an acknowledgement of the sometime inconsistent application of the policy which can lead to confusion - I would not have in fact posted an infra red image had I not previously uploaded one that was not questioned. I also didn't know about the framing issue. So this has helped.

I recognise your difficulty in monitoring all images given the sheer volume of images that are posted daily - it would be a 24- 7 job for someone! What I appreciate most about this aspect of your response in recognising the limits of what you guys can actually do is your honesty about it. So thank you for that.

With regards the highlighting of someone else's image as a defensive response to having one of their own removed; I see your point but my intention was more to provoke a debate on the forum about what the term post processing actually means and whether it should be minimised in keeping with a more purist approach to photography or whether we should accept, to a certain extent, post processing using software since it appears to be "the norm" all over the planet! We are bombarded daily with post processed images in many areas of our lives and the question is what is it that makes a "good" photograph anymore given the manipulations involved. It's an ongoing debate and I rather hoped to spark that debate amongst TE members and the moderators! I see there have been over 7500 views of this thread -I kinda hoped someone would comment in the interests of healthy debate!

I think perhaps given that one of the general aims of the TE is to educate and inform... and given that workshops are provided by members using post processing software... if a certain degree of post processing is deemed allowable - actually providing the details of the post processing process (in addition to camera, lens, DOF, exp. tripod/ND used etc.) might also prove beneficial to some less experienced members such as myself. This is just me thinking out loud and I'm a "new guy" but ultimately the community decides!

So - any thoughts?

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