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Question Response to Marie Louise Davies [maloutim]

Originally Posted by IBobi View Post

There seems to be a very small list of affected users -- probably not limited to the above, but definitely a small subset of TE users.

In order to make it worthwhile to troubleshoot this issue further, as it is both small in scope as well as nearly trivial in effect, we need to find commonalities between these users.

If you are one of these users, please list:

browser type
browser version #
any plugins you are using (ad blockers, etc)
time zone
when you normally post/critique
anything else pertinent you can think of

Thank you,


Response to Marie Louise Davies [maloutim] (email 27-03-2012)

'Discrepancy in points count'

Sorry but I do not understand this discussion, now my account is working properly.
Can you explain what is happening? The link ( # post1208629) is mixed with very different dates, and so I do not see the follow-up question.
Below follows what you asked me.
I await your news with better explanations.

My browser is Mozilla Firefox.
Browser version : 11.0
Time zone : Portugal time
I use Beta Trekearth
I may post critiques at any time between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m, but not much in the afternoon.
Operating system : Windows Vista
Internet security - AVG

Best regards,

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