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This is my answer to Jorge who also commented on the organized tours in his comment under this photo.
For some reason it appears to be more "cool" to do everything independently.
I agree that having the freedom is a great benefit but sometimes one has to balance the cost and benefits.
Some TE members don't drive cars and for me it is unimaginable to use always public transportation because exactly I wouldn't have enough freedom. So those members are not ashamed to take an organized tour in some places because they are afraid to drive a car but they play hard core travelers in other situations when for example safety of my relatives would be of concern.
I think it is always a cost benefit analysis. When I went to Argentina -I decided I cannot rely on public transportation to cross from El Calafate to Torres del Paine. The public transportation would cost me extra two days. But cars available for rental had only manual transmissions which I am not used to drive because I learned to drive in America.
So to be able to rent a car I took extra lessons before going to Argentina to have extra freedom...
But when safety is of concern I don't mind to risk my own life but not the well-being of my wife and child, just for the fun of travel.
Also as you pointed out in some destinations which are underdeveloped you may may have a problem to reach places of interest either due to the language barrier or underdeveloped public transport. Of course you can get everywhere eventually but some places would require extra day or so. People who have a lot of time to spare can afford it for the sake of adventure but for me the ability of seeing and enjoying the destination is the goal and not sitting for hours on the bus. Basically you can see more in a limited time on an organized tour, so as much as I love traveling independently in many cases organized tours are cheaper, faster, more efficient and SAFER.
On average I travel independently in developed countries which have more reliable public transport, are safer etc and use organized tours in underdeveloped countries.

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