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Well, speaking about local customs, on the bazaar in Aswan we have actually purchased traditional local clothes. I still have a proper Galabiya while my wife selected a belly dance costume...
Yes we have seen that local ladies were swimming in the ocean in hijabs but snorkeling in hijab must be quite challenging, although Nike has this modern hijab series.

I think most of people on the forum know what is the situation.
Some like to provoke this sort of discussion and watch the same arguments over and over again.

If someone tells me: I have been there and nothing happened to me, what does it prove?
May be it proves that you were lucky.
I have never had a driving accident in my long life. Does it mean that accidents don't happen? No I see them almost every day on the way to work. Yes being careful helps like with the driving, but if a crazy person drives behind you, it does not matter how careful you are, you may get hit. My friend a very careful experienced driver was hit by a crazy drunk.
If you dress in a cheap hijab and don't take camera with you, you may be less noticeable (but what is the point of trip without camera for me or without dressing up for my wife?). Although my Algerian friend discouraged me from visiting Algeria saying that even if I dress like a local my blue eyes will sell me out and it is simply too dangerous and not worth it.

Recently a friend told me her son was raped in South Africa. Another group of Irish friends were mugged near Barcelona, they lost everything and spent holidays trying to get passport for the return trip. These are cases not from the news, from people I know.

I think the two Scandinavian girls whose throats were cut recently in Morocco were decently dressed. I would actually still consider going to Morocco and staying near the touristy places but when I heard about two girls hiking alone in the remote mountains in Morocco I thought some people are just asking for trouble. Probably somebody told them on a forum like TrekEarth that traveling individually is safer than in organized groups and that if they dress like locals nobody will harm them.

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