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Originally Posted by romanaa View Post

From the recent happenings my imagination sees the moderator in front of his or her computer behaving like this :

[I]I do not like the picture you posted - let's delete it.
I do not like what you wrote in forum - let's close it.
I do not like that your opinions differ from mine -let's ban you - for a day, for a month, forever.

And what if someone sees my behaviour on-line? Let's trace everything sent to the person executed and erase all messages mentioning it or at least modify them.
I promise you that if any mod tried to act in such a way they wouldn't last very long! It wouldn't just affect their credibility it would reflect badly on all the mods by association.

I don't believe that any posting should be edited by the mods unless it contains a serious breaking of the TOS. Into that category I would put things like personal attacks, obscenity, racial attacks, commercial advertising. There may be other areas but those listed above are the most likely to be removed. When that does happen we should certainly be putting an explanatory note in place.
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