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Post questions and an idea

Hello Vivian, Keith and others,

Hi Clio, you are NOT banned at all anymore. KLB had written to a wrong @address, and yes a same mistake with the ban tool has been made twice by a moderator who did not know how to handle yet.

after reading and appreciating most of Vivian has written in this forum I still do not understand two things:

1. It is apparent that Diane's ban has been removed. Why is it in forum where she has to find out that she had been banned by mistake? If it was my mistake I would write a personal apologizing and explaining email to her.

2. KLB still seems to be banned, why, if it was a mistake?

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As for the TOS - I also think that there is no need for major changes in it. (Close ups, that are erased many times, are not forbidden if they have explaining and informative note.) The problem I see here is the extent to which the rules of TOS are executed and how.

From the recent happenings my imagination sees the moderator in front of his or her computer behaving like this :

I do not like the picture you posted - let's delete it.
I do not like what you wrote in forum - let's close it.
I do not like that your opinions differ from mine -let's ban you - for a day, for a month, forever.

And what if someone sees my behaviour on-line? Let's trace everything sent to the person executed and erase all messages mentioning it or at least modify them.

Forgive me if I am exaggerating here a bit but I feel some change is needed in the way the TOS is applied, so that people do not have feeling of being treated badly, feeling that their freedom of expression is harmed.

I suggest that there could be some warning before straight deleting.
Eg. Someone has posted a close up on the rusty boat anchor.
Instead of instant deletion, a red frame could be posted with announcement (and could appear among critiques): This picture will be deleted unless you accompany it with an appropriate informative note.

I am sure that the programmers can add this as a feature to the moderators easily, they can easily add a wide range of prepared warnings with a possibility to write a personalised message in such a warning frame.

This is just an idea... trying to be constructive. (And I am not defending my pictures, you will not see many close ups in my gallery... yet I think TE would become boring if only mountains and cathedrals are in the gallery..., even from a close up we can learn if it has a good note.)
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