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Originally Posted by iainsp View Post
Greetings all,
One for the technical team - which I do recall being mentioned somewhere recently on TE: The home page could do with some work to ensure that is supports the modern ToS. I can understand the logic of a statute of limitiation on deletions, and not wanting to delete photographs which were accepted years ago. But, however gradually, I would like to think there was some work being put in to the home page such that eventually we will not have a "Featured Photographer" whose work consists of close-ups of flowers, or a theme which openly advertises that is about pets and cats.
That sounds like a point that should be pursued, but I can't say that I notice the home page much as I go straight to the gallery. It sounds like a random process which should be made more discerning!

And for my fellow posters, perhaps the key to survival here is to write a nice long note, that isn't just copied from wikipedia. If we are doing more than just dumping our holiday snaps then there are times when we will be pushing the boundaries of what people will accept as a travel shot - but that is the nature of art, not everyone will agree with your assertion that what you are doing is art in the context that they understand or wish to promote the term.

To pick an example from my own gallery, when I published Green into Blue, I knew that I was pushing the boundaries of the TE ToS, and that my close up may get deleted.
I can defend its status as a genuine travel photograph (to me), but I have to accept that others may not agree with me. I do like to think that what has saved me is that I can get quite verbose with my notes (or the moderators haven't seen it yet, which could be a bit of a pain when it disappears ).
I wish everyone had the same attitude to note writing. I suppose your photo is 'borderline', eh! But as you say a note can bring a shot around to the right side of that line. If I'd seen it and critiqued it I'd have said it was a pity the photo was so small and that there was no exif information! But in this instance the main thing is that the photo and the note go together well as a 'unit'. There are, in fact, quite a few photos like this on TE.

I guess TE is not for every shot - and even if TE do not like Green into Blue and can find other sites that do. Which does not mean I will be leaving TE in a hurry, just because the don't think all my work is for them.
No, TE is not for every shot; that point has got lost somewhere along the way, maybe. But nor is it a site just for 'post-cards'.

One more thought that I meant to mention when I was typing last night:

'Photography' (as opposed to 'photographs') is just ONE of the things that TE is about.

I think we all love to see stunning photos. Yet some of the most well-received photos are not at all stunning, but they illuminate, and are well complemented by really informative notes.

Thanks for your comments, Iain!

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