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Default Workshop Feature

Have you ever thought about attempting to edit someone's photo to see if you could improve their image? Perhaps you think a different crop or hue adjustment might improve the image? Maybe you're not sure if the member would want this? Well, there is now a way to do this.

This 'Workshop' feature gives members the option of having their photos edited by other members. Choosing 'Yes' for the 'Allow Workshop Postings' option for a specified photo will place a 'Re-Post' link on the left side under the new 'Action' section.

Once an alternate edit has been posted, there will be a 'Workshop' link in the 'Photo Information' section for the specified photo.

I think this will prove useful for a few reasons:
1. Members who don't want to participate don't have to. (This is the default.)
2. It allows everyone to follow the progression of alternate edits easily, as opposed to email.
3. These alternate edits do not appear as thumbnails images in any display section, making it easy to separate and distinguish from your actual photos.
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