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Originally Posted by emka View Post
I do not understand the answer. I cite TOS:

Certain types of photos are prohibited on TrekEarth and will be removed:
Nude photographs unless the nudity is intrinsically related to an event such as a regional festival, daily living, or the like.
Photographs of family, friends, or pets (not only one's own).
Self-portraits, photos of your own reflection or own shadow.
Studio-like, set-up or posed photos.
Closeups of any flowers of plants, water droplets, toothbrushes etc. are not allowed.

I haven't seen anything of it on the photo. The TOS should be respected of both sides. The note was very sensitive, there were many comments under it. Why do you think it was no effort? If jasmis wrote," I made this photo in the church so and so" - would it be there still? The photo spoke perfectly for itself. If people had any dou bts if there decision of leaving the side was right, no they have no such doubts.


I just saw a very close shot of a candle... Please explain what I'm missing.

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