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Default Re: Laos vs. Myanmar/Burma

1- Adam, thanks for opening that new Travel thread category,

2- Thanks to you three, Bart, Bob and Philip for your useful infos. If I try to sum up those :

A- Burma is def a place to go but as I initially feared, 1 week is very tight and I'd better plan a longer stay. (Philip, while your TE trip is a very good idea, it doesn't match with my usual holiday dates + I'm accompanied, wife and kid, when traveling making it difficult to join a group or in a very loose way).
Unfortunately Bob, I'm more informed on Burma's underwater scene than topside, and the coastal waters don't have the profile for very interesting diving, I'd then be working my nitrogen pressure and sun tan abroad.
I was thinking : How does Burma sound in August, I then could afford 2 weeks inland? Wet-wet/really wet, Vietnamese highlands style or wet/cambodian style which sounds even better than dry ?

B- Plenty of things to see in Yunnan but even a longer way and further than Burma, I still can't see what I can do in a week.

C- Luang-Prabang seems to fit into the time window, a week might even be long, but if it is I could also take my time and come back via Chiang Mai.

Any other views from members welcome.
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