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Hi Viviane,

Your photo have been inactivated as it seems to be completely "Copied & Pasted" from Wikipedia, this is not allowed by the Terms of Service and you will have to change your note.

in the past I had used text from that site,and never experienced a problem.Anyway from my small knowledge, I do not think in photographic site used something like "H.R.S",but I accept it.

If you carefully read the TOS you should see that a good note must contain at least a few lines of your own, like where? when? what? why?

Because of the difficulty of expression of speech is considered more appropriate to mention two or three details for the location, history etc, despite soliloquize.

In short, the reasons why you took the photo and/or why you chose to post it on TrekEarth.

Also you may add a rather short text from the WEB but only if you mention the name + URL of the web site you copied from. Text which is not attributed to another web site is not allowed in a note.

So no need to note.Only the url(from wiki) with copy paste!


Your photo has been inactivated yesterday, the reply to that mail just came in tonight, how soon did you expect a response?

I made my post about 3days ago!If I hadn't make THIS post,I would not get an answer.

By the way I respect very much ΤΕ website and it is among the very few sites that upload photos.But having discussed with people who are no longer members might have to "consider" the reasons that "drove" members!

Thank you

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