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Let's get the facts in here.

Meaningful notes have been required for a long time. A list of 'Happy Christmas' in multiple languages does not constitute 'meaningful notes'.
A reminder was posted regarding notes and Christmas images on 23rd December.
The image in question was permitted remain on site until after Christmas Day when it could justifiably have been removed immediately.
The image was not deleted, it was moved to a holding area to give the member time to submit a Review Request. At the time the image was removed the member was sent an email giving the reason the image was removed. If a Review Request had been received we would simply have requested that a more meaningful note be added and I have no doubt that the image would then have been reinstated.
The member chose not to follow this route but instead to delete all their images from the site.
Other members who had images removed for the same reason have followed the normal process and submitted a Review Request. Those images will be reinstated as long as the member agrees to improve the note.

I would ask one simple question - "Who is the person acting unreasonably in this scenario?"