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Default Re: Burning - Ethical or Unethical?

IMHO, over-saturated. But that's what sells.

Actually, it sells in the free for all market that is cyber space, and by gosh, does it go up the stratosphere. But once you get into the editing profession, that is publishing a book, an article, that artificial way to bottom line and sentimentalize "beautiful" to swatching hues and shining eyes with a big brush, is falling flat and shown the door. 3 years into navigating photo megasites, and seeing these famous "favorites" of all, and not one has been discovered, or published in the "pay for it" trade. Meanwhile, I know 2 people here, in San Francisco, who started working full time as photographers, who had absolutely no membership on any site. The moral is:

1)"post it" is not exacly "do it", as the Nike ads go.

2) artifices are not authoring.

3)if it wasn't there in the first place, don't fake it.
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