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I've followed this interesting book project a bit from the side-lines with too much other stuff to do to make a contribution.
Now I have however found time to do a proposal for the book cover, the back of the cover is shown in the workshop.

The intention was to make a clean design with space and "air" in the composition. The theme is the same as a some of the other proposals, thumbnail photos spread across the world. I choso to work with a map instead of a globe because I think the globe tends to look crammed while I wanted air.

The map is draw as a vector path in Illustrator. The path is used as a clipping path for the collage of photos beneath. The rest of the element are made in InDesign. So basically the file is ready for print.
The selection of photos is of course up for discussion, I tried to select photos from the corresponding geographical areas, whic means that some very photographed places gets very little space, while places with few photographs gets a lot of space in the composition.

I would like a better text on the back, that is an area that definitely needs more work.
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