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Default An annual TE exhibition.

I'm just thinking as I trawl the galleries about the potential to give over one of the exhibition slots that we have at the Pixel and Grain space we run at Loughborough Town Hall in the UK to an annual TE exhibition.

it is relatively small and we generally print to 12 x 18 prints or in a relevant square format - we have a standard set of frames and print from an Epson 3200. We also make an on-line gallery too.

I am thinking it would be really nice to give more exposure to some of the wonderful work here and another opportunity to promote TE and raise standards by having something to aim for. Many of you know we also run an annual competition which attracts many TE and former TE members and we have also curated exhibitions by TE members.

I suppose we could have some sort of public process inviting people to choose their favourites or TE members could suggest work - their own or others - a little like 'our favourites of the year' and we could invite 15 of the photographers to participate.

My only concern is that we would need people to participate in the realisation that not all work presented here on screen is necessarily of a high quality in print - when we do the competition print round there are often disappointments - but not so many really.

Last year 340,000 people went through the venue.

I would be interested in any thoughts any one has on this idea.

bw Kev
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