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Default Photo Re-Post Feature Now Available

Have you ever received a critique recommending to do something to improve your image? But maybe you didn't want to have similiar images posted in your account or you didn't want to delete the original image because it contained interesting critiques?

Well, now there is a new feature available to encourage you to experiment with your photos. Next to all your images in the 'Manage' section, there is a new link called 'Re-Post' in between the 'Edit' and 'Delete' links. You can follow this 'Re-Post' link to upload a modified image of your existing photo.

The 'final version' of this photo is the one that will be displayed in the 'Photos' section. However, there will now be a 'Photo Version' line in the 'Photo Information' section for the photo where the 'Original Version' may be viewed and compared with the new modified photo.

Note: It's not currently possible to have more than 2 versions of any one photo.
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