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To Keitht,
Please don't be sarcastic Keith. We know you don't care about points, but you will have maybe read the good enough reasons why some people do care about them. After all, the site was first designed like that, and the system of points is part of its originality, and a reason of motivation for many people.
Just like marks motivate pupils at school. I know what I am talking about, having been a teacher for over 40 years.
And it's not about competition with other members, but rather competition between one's own photos. On Beta TE, you can look at a whole page of your gallery and wonder why some pictures have done better than others. Just like a good pupil should wonder why he has done better in some tests than in others.
Now of course, that good pupil or TE member will also take the critiques very much into account, in order to improve, but the point system does help...
P.S. Sorry, re-reading your post above, Perhaps you weren't being sarcastic after all; One never knows how to interprete the British sense of humour :-)) No ill feeling anyway.
Best regards on this memorable date of this century : 11-11-11. WE ?! won't be able to celebrate THAT again before 100 years. LoL.

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