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Default Re: The Critique Conspiracy

Let me jump in here with both feet.
Two things, Darren:
1. Ungracious, thin skinned photogs: yes, my friend, you're right (I know I've done it!) There are too many on this site who simply cannot handle a critique or who feel somehow that they are "protected" by the other more numerous, "positive" comments. You are right and it me off when I see it.
2. The "Golden Age of TE" trope - all due respect, that's a load of old cobblers. I feel a colic coming on when Old Timers hark back to that Golden age. All that ahppened is that the sote expanded greatly due to the fact that it is fantastic and unique (in spite of its imperfections). Inevitably, you see more "postcards", more "close ups of smiling kiddies" (some of them from old timers, by God!) But if you sift through you will find all the outstanding shots you could wish for and the telling, incisive critiques too.
So one out of two on this, Darren - I would give you the "half-smiley" that you are so fond of yourself on this one. Agree with you about the thin-skinned lot, violently disagree with you about the Good Old days thing.
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