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Default Hey Henk!

That's an idea, an original, BUT you aer only dealing here with the quantity of the pictures displayed on TE, but not so with the learning process - those who recieve less will most probably wont learn and improve and the next day again and again...
I wrote down the thread that I think it is wrong to judge the site according to the number of smilies you get or critique...uploading pictures here is to get a feedback, that's true, but is also about learning from other photographers, getting a new angle, a new idea...I, for once, use the list option to select my favorites, and if I am "bored" of the "Root gallery" I just go for the list and enjoy what I see (or not, depend on the day...).
I wont say that I am not getting happy when somebody puts a smiley or a critique on my door. I do say that if they dont I check to see, maybe the picture is not worthy of being published here. And if I think it is good, then I say "F*** it! I damn like it, and it is here to stay!"
Competition is good, but it's not all...
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