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Default Re: The Critique Conspiracy

.... over and over again, at the expense of vibrancy.

I hope Herve you don't forget that everything, almost everything is already done in photography in search for incongruity to be unique in a personal way, seldom, very seldom you see a new technique, most 'so called' new techniques here on TE are often a weak decotion ,sometimes accidental but mostly already seen on other sites, so photography could become terrible boring if you see that from this angle.
Still the one thing that makes TE unique between all the other sites is that you can learn a lot from the world, I still hope ... no ? If you want to travel to a certain part of the world you got such an archive here that you can give yourself quite a good impression already even before you go there. So all photographic aspects can only enhance this, total differant from the idea that photographic aspects or techniques has to be the ultimate target here on TE IMHO.
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