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Default Re: Monitors/Displays - poll

You'll be in danger of becoming retro-chic soon if you keep that up Greg ;)

21" Artisan? Or something a bit more mundane?

I still remember trying to carry one of the old 21" NEC Multisyncs... I rapidly came to the conclusion they'd been made out of solid lead, either that or someone had glued it to the desk as a prank! After a while I eventually got used to wandering around with two of the old 15" Multisyncs at a time, but those 21" were diabolically heavy.

I actually still have my old Sony 17" GDM around in a cupboard somewhere, but to be honest I really do prefer LCD. No flicker, no smearing, no misconvergence.

About the only thing the CRT was definitely better on was viewing angles, but since I spend most of my time square on to the screen, that's not a major drawback for me ;)
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