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Default Re: To Luko: Luko,

I guess all I've achieve here is made you stronger in your covviction ;o)))
Now it's up to Luko and Homehomer, maybe they will have more luck...
To think of it I recall you going through a Shilendra stage before you went right off the "title road" and started with these file numbers: I recall you had a "series" approach (Moti Bagh Nights). So I shouldn't compare you to Shailendra, it isn't fait to you: your rebellion and utter rejection of titles is far more advanced !!!!
Coriolanus by the way is a marvelous hero by an measure - his last words are among Shakespeare's mor resonant lines:
"And if you have writ your annals true
Tis there that like an eagle in a dovecot
I fluttered your Voltians in Corioli
Alone I did it. Boy!""
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