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Evren, I see your point, however would also have to agree with your conclusion that TE may not be the best place for it.
Think this place is so much more than just a venue to show the photos, imagine how many poeple travel with you while looking at your images, reading stories that come with it, trying to absorb your impressions and feelings. That IMO doesn't prevent us from creating our own views and impressions, we all have different ways of exploring the world through this site (and by world I don't mean just places, but also the places where only an imagination can go), and offering a complete package just gives us more choices.

IMO sequence numbering from the camera just look messy and gives an impression of you not putting any effort into presentation, it's almost like going to the restaurant and eating a delicious meal from a paper bag instead of a fancy plate.

Looking forward to your next upload, I am sure you will not spare us a humour or a friendly jab towards us complainers my friend;-)

Keep well Evren.
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