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Default Re: Why Do I have Problems Uploading a Picture?

Darren, only uploading copyrighted stuff is immoral, against the law, deservedly fine proned, uncapitalistic spirited and therefore leads to eternal damnation.
Using such program as Kaza? Kazah? Kaazaa? -Sorry, as myself, I'm not familiar with such devilish unfair program as Kazaa...- to share for instance family snapshots, freeware, etc. does not AFAIK go against any law...

Regarding Chris' answer I'm not sure that settles everything as I'm also on 640K cable and sometimes have to resume uploading 3 or 4 times before it actually happens (usually around 11:00 PM french time, early morning asian time). Though I've never been stuck for hours as you were, Manny.
I suspect this might occur on Adam's server's end when there is too much traffic or back up tasks going on (I might also be totally wrong, this is no expert words...).
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