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leo61 09-26-2012 08:13 PM

To BennyV: Nann Myint Viewing Tower
Hi Benny!
Thanks for your nice words,
it`s Nann Myint Viewing Tower ,have a look at
<a href="">ancient Bagan website</a>.
The entrance fee is ten dollars and goes straight to the government.
I`ll arrive in Bangkopk on 23rd of december and reach Yangon for the fifth time on 24th ,staying 26 bdays..
After the relaxed embargo there will be many changes and I did read in forums that prices for accommodation are increasing.
That`s the reason why I`m going there again as soon as possible.

BennyV 09-27-2012 09:37 PM

Thanks for the link to the website, but that tower does look ugly! Not so in the silhouette in your picture, but judging from the picture on the official website! It's like it's built in fake-Bagan concrete. Ugh...

I visited Myanmar more than 10 years ago and cherish the most wonderful memories of that trip (definitely in my top-3!). I know it's very ambiguous, but I loved the 'lost in time' feeling of the country back then (no Internet, no mobile phones, no American music, not too many tourists...), I heard things have changed. Some for good, some for bad. But somehow I'm a bit afraid to go back.

Always appreciate your passion for the country!


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