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Weetrees 01-06-2019 11:25 PM

To worldcitizen: Hey Brenda
Hi Brenda
Thanks for taking the time to stop by :-)
Post production wok on the image, absolutely minimal. Its was an incredibly contrast less day with a heavy mist and light smurr (scots word for light rain)

I went back to film again three years back and to be honest I have never looked back since.
My last images uploaded see the influence of film however I had not fully transitioned back as I have now. I shoot miniature (35mm) medium (a bit bigger) and large formats (4x5")
There is a current resurgence in film usage with companies like Kodak re starting the production of long discontinued stocks :-)
The last time I was in your fair city early last year I was nearly issued a "ticket" or summons for shooting my large format gear under the Manhattan Bridge. I pleaded stupid tourist (even though I have visited many times) for long enough that my long exposure had time to complete ;-)
I look forward to revisiting again but probably not this year coming

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